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The basic aim of the school is to ensure Mental, Physical and Emotional development of each child so that he/she may be actively involved and dedicated to selfless service to the humanity & to become a worthy citizen of our country.


The most noticeable feature of the school is the traffic park. The basic traffic rules are taught through various models and traffic signals. The park gives a small preview of outer world. The park has miniature models of market, school, mall, hospital, over bridge, railway station, airport . Various traffic signals shows how to take the safety precautions and interpret with traffic signals.


The play ground is the main attraction of the children. It is well equipped with slides, swings 7 play equipment’s. The play ground has soft grass so that children can play freely without falling down and getting hurt. All games & sports activities are conducted in the play ground.


The school hall is large and airy and it can accommodate around 100 students at a time. All inter house competitions like storytelling, recitation, quiz competitions, workshops and seminars for teachers as well as students are conducted in the hall. The hall is also used for assembly activities on rainy days. Audio-visual shows are also conducted in the hall for the students.


The activity room is beautifully decorated. Where student’s creativity is displayed in the form of different types of drawing, posters, collage work. The students engage in all kinds of creative work taught to them over the academic year.


Keeping in mind the wettest place on the earth, the school has developed indoor play room for small children. It is well equipped with good quality slides, horses, merry go round, soft toys, various wooden toys, puzzles where the new comer feels comfortable and gets adjusted to the school environment.


The computer lab is equipped with many PCs. Computer education is given from class LKG onwards. Training is also provided to teachers so that they are well versed with integrated technology to enhance learning for the children of our school.


The school library has a good collection of all types of books on all subjects including referential, periodicals, magazines, art and craft books, encyclopaedia, and story books etc for all students and teachers. The library also has a good collection of VCDs and educational CDs. The books cater to the need of K.G, and primary teachers.


The school has a Herbal Garden to which students are taken on a regular basis .They are told about the importance of herbs-medicinal as well as their other uses.


The School has an equipped Digital Class Room with readymade modules of learning by play way methods for pre-primary students. The school also has Digital class room installed in primary classes. It has really brought revolution in the teaching- learning process and tiny tots love this method of learning.


The school has a sick room, with one bed and a first-aid kit with stock of medicines for minor injury and illnesses that caters to the need of the children during school hours.


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“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

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Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.