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Admission and Withdrawal Rules

A pupil who has not attended any school ever or has come from a private School must produce a birth certificate issued by military/civil hospital as well as by municipalities/village panchayats. In case of Defence personnel, POR extract duly signed by Unit adjutant is also required.

Students coming on transfer will not be admitted without a transfer certificate from the School last attended. In case the School was not Air Force School, the certificate should be contersigned by the District Education Officer of the district in which the School is located.

A child should be 3 years of age as on 01 April to be admitted to LKG. Minimum age at the time of admission to other classes will accordingly be calculated as per the corresponding stipulation.

07 working days notice is to be given for the withdrawal of a pupil in the prescribed performa which will be issued on demand from school office. The fee book to be deposited/shown in the office, only then the performa will be given.

The Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all the dues have been paid. Fee book has to be deposited in the School office.

No TC will be issued with in three (03) months from admission to the School except on extreme compassionate grounds. Documents cannot be withdrawn once the child is admitted to the School.

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