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  1. Fees will be charged on a quarterly basis for the academic session. It is to be deposited in Air Force School upper Shillong through ATM Card by 10th of first month of the quarter i.e in the month of April, July, October, January.
  2. If fees is not paid by the due date, late fee will be charged @ Rs 20/-per day (including holidays) for ten days after the last date of payment. Thereafter R 50/-per day (including holidays) for next twenty days till the action to strike-off name is initiated. In case of non- payment of fee within 30 days after the last date of payment name of the student will be struck off from the roll of the strength. In case of readmission of struck off case, all charges as specified for fresh admission are to be levied.
  3. If any excess amount is paid in respect of fees, it will not be refunded in any case but adjusted in the next quarter. Parents are to put an application for the same.
  4. Students are charged full fees as long as their names are on the rolls. Absence is not taken into consideration. No reduction is made for broken period.
  5. Striking-off Name from School Rolls. The name of a student will be struck off from the school rolls for any of the following:-

(a) Non-payment of fees and other dues within 30 days after the last date of payment.

(b) Absence from School without leave application from parent/guardian for 15 consecutive days.

  1. Transfer Cases. Mid-session transfer cases from Air Force Schools or any other recognised School will only be charged tuition and monthly fees from the month in which they are admitted to the Air Force School and not from 01 April. In case of non-availability of TC the fees is to be paid from 01 Apr. While seeking transfer from an Air Force School, development fee up to the quarter in which TC is being taken is to be retained by the AF School issuing TC. At the time of admission to a new AF School, development fee is to be charged from next quarter of the month of admission.
  2. Refund of Fees. In cases where a student is issued TC due to posting out of the parents or for health reasons or in case of unfortunate demise of the parent/student, monthly charges (including tuition fee) is to be refunded in case the student has paid advance fees and has not attended classes even for a single day for the month(s) for which refund is sought. However, annual charges (other than development fee) will not be refunded. Development fee for the balance quarters of the year will be refunded.


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 Registration for admission in class Nursery to class – V has started in Air Force School Upper Shillong for the academic session 2024-25 from 25 Jan 2024. For further details contact telephone No. 0364-2561621 and IP No.33116724/7856/9485316637


All the parents who had withdrawn their ward from Air Force School Upper Shillong on or before Academic Year 2021-22 may claim their caution money by 20 Oct 2023. No request or claim will be entertained by the school after the due date (20 Oct 2023). The unclaimed caution money will be merged with School General Fund.