PRE- PRIMARY 2019-20

5th April- Paper Crumbling Activity

12th April- Clay Modelling Activity

19th April- My Favourite Toy (show and tell)/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)

26th April- General Awareness Quiz


3rd May – Yellow Coloured Day Activity

10th May- Life skill (Sprout Chat making)

24th May- My favourite fruit (show and tell)/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)

31th May- Eng , General Awareness) & Fruit Quiz.


3th June -Green Coloured Day Activity

7th June- Hindi Recitation Competition / plantation drive

14th June-Life Skill (Fruit chat making)

21th June- My Favourite Vegetable (show and tell )/ Sing a Rhyme(Inter Class)

28th June- Eng ,General Awareness &Vegetable Quiz.


1stJuly – Orange Coloured Day Activity

5thJuly- English Calligraphy Competition

12th July-. Life Skill (papdi/chatpati chat making)

19th July- My Favourite Animal(show and tell )/ Sing a Rhyme(Inter Class)

26th July- General Awareness , Animals &Maths Quiz.


2nd August -Tri Colour Day Activity

9th August- Hindi Solo Song Competition (Patriotic)

16th August- Life Skill (Lemonade making)

23rdAugust-. My Favourite Transport (show and tell )/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class )

30st August – Eng , General Awareness &Transport Quiz



2nd September- White Colour Day Activity

5th September-Teacher’s Day

6th September- Life Skill (sandwich making)

13th September- Story Telling Competition (Hindi)

20th September- My Favourite Flower (show and tell)/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)

27thSeptember- General Awareness , flower & Hindi Quiz.


4rth October – Blue Coloured Day Activity

11th October – Rangoli making( using dals/glitter etc)/ Hindi Calligraphy Competition

18th October –– My Favourite Game (show and tell)/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)

25th October General Awareness , games &Hindi Quiz.


1ST November -Black Coloured Day Activity

8th November- Laughter Challenge ( tell a joke)

14th November- Bal Mela /Fancy Dress Competition

15th November- English Recitation Competition

22nd November- People Who Help Us(show and tell )/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class )

29th November- General Awareness, Our Helpers &Hindi Quiz.


2nd DEC -Red Coloured Day Activity

4rth December- Christmas Celebration

JANUARY – My Family (show and tell) / Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)



7th February- Pink Colour Day activity

14th February- Solo Dance competition.

21st Feb- My favourite bird (show and tell )/ Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)

28th Feb_ General Awareness + bird s+ Hindi Quiz


6th March: – Story Telling competition (Englishi)

13th March-My favourite cartoon (show and tell ) / Sing a Rhyme (Inter Class)

20th March – General Awareness + family + Hindi Quiz


PRIMARY 2019-20

5th April- Talent Hunt

12th April- English Calligraphy Competition / Investiture Ceremony

19th April – House Board Decoration

26th April- Shloka / Doha / Bhajans / Gita Chanting / Hymns (I& II )


3rd May– English Recitation

10th May- Laughter Challenge (tell a joke/poem)

24th May- Wealth Out Of Waste


1st June- Solo Song Competition

8th June- Memory Test / Plantation Drive

15th June- Kho – Kho (inter house)


12th July- English Story Telling

19th July- Dumb charade based on Idioms and Proverbs(inter house)

26th July- Origami Competition


2nd August- Patriotic Song Competition (inter house)

9th August- Patriotic Leader Competition

23th  August- Tricolour badge, Kite, Rakhi making Activity

30st August –Drop everything and read / English Calligraphy Competition


5th September-Teachers Day

6th September- Hindi Recitation

13th September- (Hindi Wakhwada) Hindi Calligraphy Competition (I &II) /

Hindi Creative Writing Competition (III & IV)

20th September – Hindi Story telling Competition


4rth October – Show and Tell

11th October – Diya Decoration / Rangoli Making/Gift Wrapping Competition

25thOctober –Drawing Competition/ Hindi Declamation Competition


1st November- Chess Championship / Awareness March (say no to crackers)

8th November Hindi ,EVS,GK ,current affairs quiz

14th November- Bal Mela / Fancy Dress Competition

22th November- Kabaddi (inter house)

29th November- English Declamation Competition


4rth December- Candle Decoration, Christmas Tree Decoration / Mask Making/ Christmas


Tricolour activities (Kite /flag /badge/ book mark making/Peacock making)


7th February- Quiz.

14th February- Master Chef – Cooking without fire

21st February- When I Grow up I will be———— (speak)


6thMarch-. General Awareness, GK &Current Affairs Quiz


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